White Christmas

You know how, every year, people are all hoping for a white christmas, then they’re all giddy when the weather forecast says “yay, white Christmas”? Somehow, people forget that when the white Christmas actually GETS HERE, it’s nothing but awful, wet coldness and total destruction of any and all means of transportation. Just now, we got home from a Christmas dinner. I rented a car. I prefer to drive myself, ever since a) I’ve been in a car with Sander’s dad behind the wheel (no offence 😉 ) and b) we’ve had to wait for the people driving us home, or they had to wait for us, or generally you have to think too damn much about when you’re leaving and with who and whether or not *now* is a convenient time for your fellow travellers or, to be more accurate, your “chauffeur”. Chauffeur… It sounds chique, but it’s not.

The downside to driving yourself is that you’re the one who’s doing the driving through snow and ice when the weather is like this. It wasn’t so bad, we did fine besides the fact that the map of my TomTom is outdated and we actually did a 50km detour because of that. What bugs me the most, though, is parking. It’s just impossible to park anywhere right now, you’ll just have to slip and slide and hope that when you come to a stop, your car is sufficiently out of the way of other road users. Right now, it’s snowing again, I believe I just heard a snow plough come by and I’ve informed my parents that it’s likely that we’re not visiting them tomorrow. I’m not a total pansy, but I drive once every… oh, once every year maybe. At most. So you can imagine that I’m not too comfortable in this kind of weather. As for the trains… well, I’m sure most of you know what the NS is like with this kind of weather.

On the upside, I can now try out this “champagne truffel room”-liquor we bought for today’s Christmas dinner 🙂 </designated driver>

Merry Christmas everyone!!