Sinterklaas: Chocolate cigarettes crayons?

Every year, on the 5th of December, we (Dutchies) celebrate Sinterklaas. Once upon a time, Sinterklaas was introduced in America, they changed the time and date, called him Saint Nick, which became Christmas and now they’re trying to import our own holiday back to us! … But that’s not today’s topic.

If you’re a Dutchie, you’re bound to know the different chocolate treats you’d get as a kid. Chocolate coins, chocolate figures and of course chocolate cigarettes. It was never a problem, it actually gave you the chance to do something ‘cool’ without actually inhaling smoke. You’re five, what do you know. Anyway, a few years back, suddenly there were complaints that these cigarettes were a bad signal to children and may cause them to start smoking later (I say the cigarettes are not to blame, but maybe my brother is a better judge on that 😉 ). So the cigarettes were banned.

Today, I found these in the supermarket:

Chocolate flavoured crayons

What’s so cool about pretending to eat (or smoke, for that matter) crayons? I’m sure this will catch on, as children will always like candy, no matter what shape it has. Still, I’m gonna pretend they’re cigarettes, for old times’ sake 😛 I can, because the chocolate sticks are wrapped in white paper, which is then wrapped in colored paper. All I have to do is remove the colored paper 😛 I bet they still produce them as ‘cigarettes’ in some other country…