Windows 7

Thanks to a virus, I decided to reinstall my laptop yesterday. Now it was about time I did that, but this time I decided to install Windows 7. So far, so good. It runs smoothly. There are some things I’m not happy about though.

(1) For example, in the explorer window, the full path is not visible and apparently you can only enforce this by a) using an ugly classic theme or b) finding third-party software a hack via a search engine. I’m not too fond of either. (2) There are also some shortcuts to the documents folder and there is something called a Library, but due to problem 1 it’s not clear what the precise location of these folders is. I don’t like that. Oh and did I mention I don’t see the point of these folders? It would have been better if it was possible to add custom shortcuts to folders with random names. … I have to admit, I haven’t tried it yet, maybe that’s possible…?

But besides these things, I haven’t discovered anything that’s too annoying. I can change the sound profile (= switch off all sounds) and change the appearance of the start menu (=don’t show history or links to documents/help/other stuff I don’t use) and I can choose to disable the automatic collapsing of windows.