Blood donation

This morning, I went to the blood bank (Stichting Sanquin Bloedvoorziening). They tested my hemoglobin levels and they took four tubes of blood which they’re going to check for diseases and infections to see if I can be a blood donor. I have a donor card (if I die they can have everything) since 2003 and a while ago I asked for an information package from Sanquin for blood donation.

My pain threshold is fine – at least I think so – but I’m not a big fan of needles, so when the doctor asked if she should count down before the needle prick I told her please not to, because I tend to tense up when there’s counting down. Without warning, I don’t have time to anticipate and it’s fine. I give the same instructions to my dentist.

In four weeks or so, I’ll receive my first card for donation and I’ll discover if being a blood donor is my cup of tea. Speaking of which, to help overcome the dizzyness and/or nausea afterwards there’s free drinks and small snacks at the blood bank 🙂

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    Hai Minh

    So generous of you! I’ve never donated any of my blood. I’ve heard that in Japan they take our blood without testing (they may test afterwards, who knows).

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    They do test our blood after taking our blood, don’t worry Haiminh 🙂
    They just take some amount of your blood at once and they test it, and you’ll get the result if you have some serious disease or not. In case you DO have something bad, they won’t use yours, otherwise they do.

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    Oh by the way, “be one’s cup of tea” is an interesting expression, I didn’t know this one.
    Thank you for making me smart, Diana 🙂

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    They should test the blood before they use it, of course. Patients who are weak can’t afford to catch a disease via blood. (And that’s without considering life-threatening diseases, they should definitely test for those.)

    Thank you for making me smart, Diana 🙂

    Haha, you’re welcome 🙂

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