I found Dunglish! :D

I already knew Engrish and Franponais, but there’s also word for our (Dutch people’s) mutilation of the English language: Dunglish. I think it’s a good word, it emphasizes the quality of these Dutch/English mixups (dung = uitwerpselen). Yesterday, I stumbled upon the following product in our local supermarket. Now there are various words for this product, including ice pop, popsicle and ice lolly. Freezed lollipop is not one of them.

Speaking of candy, last week there was an activity in several TU/e buildings called “Get lifted”. It consisted of a number of activities/themes in elevators. One of them was a candy elevator, another a pictionary elevator. The last one I saw (but apparently there were five) was an elevator containing a dude with a guitar who sang to people asking them which floor they were going to and what they were going to do there. I didn’t take a picture of him.

P.S. As you can see, I’ve added some Dutch writings of my own ([p2p type=”id” value=”2533″]). Those for Cursor I write for a column that appears every three weeks. For Supremum are two random things I submitted when I wanted to rant.