Dreads, guitar, graduation

The title of today’s post is an uninspired list of the things I’ll write about. First, there’s the dreads. As you can see, it’s been 3 weeks and 2 days since I backcombed my hair. If I would be playing by the rules, my hair should be somewhat locked up after four weeks. Even though I’m being stubborn, yesterday my hair looked a lot like it did the first day. Of course, the battery of my camera was empty and this morning – when it was charged again – my hair doesn’t look as tightly knotted as it did yesterday, the strands are not as straight as they were. I’ve taken a few pictures. If it looks any better tonight, I’ll take a new picture.

Then, I paused writing this post to have a wisdom tooth extracted.

There, that’s done. I could swear this was the last one, but my dentist said he thought that the upper right wisdom tooth was still there. I checked my schedule history and indeed I can only find three dentist appointments for extracting a wisdom tooth. They’ll check next time whether they’ve removed it and forgot to write it down or if it’s still there. I’m pretty sure this was the last one, but there’s a chance I may have fooled myself and I still have one that needs to be removed πŸ™ Thenagain, it’s the upper right one and the upper teeth are easier to extract (for the lower teeth, even with tranquilizer, you feel a lot of pressure on your jaw). Anyway, he also redid three or four (I lost count) fillings, so now I’m sitting here with a paralyzed face. Note to a certain person who’s been avoiding the dentist ever since he was told his wisdom teeth have to be extracted: It’s not so bad, the worst part is actually before, when you scare yourself. The procedure itself is no problem, once you’re in the chair, all feeling in your face is switched off and they offer you a stress ball to squeeze πŸ™‚ Because I was kinda shaky when I came in, I think he used a bit more tranquilizer than usual, because even my neck and right cheek bone are tingling and my throat is a bit sore. And here I was thinking that I could make some phone calls today…

Some other things:

  • As the title suggests, I’ve bought a guitar. Me and my brother are going to take guitar lessons. He’s been wanting to do this for quite a while and I would like to play and sing. Tomorrow, we’ve got our first lesson, which ends… when there are no buses going to the station (let alone back to my house) anymore. So, since my brother doesn’t live in Eindhoven, I need to fix a bike for him. I’ve already registered at NS to be able to rent an OV-fiets, but of course I have to wait until they send me a confirmation letter for my registration before I can get a pass (also via regular mail, no doubt) with which I can rent a bike… Blah.. Can someone lend me a bike on Friday evening? I’ll bring it back on Saturday.
  • I’ve been talking to my supervisor about graduation projects. Monday, I visited a large, international company for an interview. Later, I talked to my supervisor again and told him I didn’t have a good feeling about this company and this assignment. I’m not sure how they felt about me and I expect I won’t be told (unless they comment on this post; on my CV I put the mail address with this domain, so they might..). We’re going to look at other graduation projects. Right now (well, right after I finish typing this πŸ˜› ) I’m reading some papers.

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  1. 1

    I like your yellow shirt πŸ™‚
    And does it has Japanese word…??
    Anyway, I just submitted my hole application for Utrecht University, so all I have to is waiting for the result now! Wish me luck pleaaaase! πŸ˜€

    • 2

      And does it has Japanese word…??

      Hi Shige, yes I think it does. I’ve uploaded a new picture of the writing. Who is it? Godzilla? I don’t know kanji, but I can read hiragana, so it must be somebody. o’ [namae] sama… Why is there ‘ka’ at the end? Is it a question?

      As for Utrecht, of course I wish you a lot of luck!! πŸ™‚ Please keep me updated πŸ™‚ Did you get a reply from that professor you e-mailed, by the way?

      Oh, also: hole = η©΄.
      Whole = 全体 or 総て .. or something (Google Translate ^_^;; )

  2. 3

    Well done! You read it correctly :DIt says “γŠζ―γ•γΎγ‹(OKAASAMAKA)” and means like “Are you my mother?” or “Is that my mother?” (This “mother” is not necessarily means “his” mother, could be someone else’s.)And yes, he looks like cute Godzilla :)By the way, I didn’t get a reply yet, so right now, I don’t think I can join his research group… :PWell, it’s alright as long as I can come to the Netherlands!”hole” is “η©΄” and “whole” is “全体” – yes, that’s right, but why are you checking this all of a sudden??

    • 4

      Maybe it’s supposed to say “Who’s yo momma?”? Heheheh

      I hope you’ll receive a reply from them soon. If you cannot join his research group, what are you going to do? Will you still be able to participate in an exchange program?

      ”hole” is β€œη©΄β€ and β€œwhole” is β€œε…¨δ½“β€ – yes, that’s right, but why are you checking this all of a sudden??

      Because you typed “my hole application”, I wanted to point this out to you. πŸ™‚

  3. 5

    Oops… πŸ˜›
    In case I wouldn’t be able to be in the research group, I will just participate in a course work with out any research work, so it will be fine πŸ™‚
    (and will be much easier!)

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