Bye-bye dreads

Yesterday, I decided to start combing out my hair. Initially not for any particular reason, I just felt like combing them out. If I had followed the “I felt like it” line of thought a year ago, I would have been combing out matured deads yesterday 😉 On the other hand, then it would have taken even more time to comb them out… Yesterday, I started combing at 4PM. By the time I was done, it was 3:30AM … And then I overslept this morning >_>

I have some conclusions for this short experiment that lasted 1 month, 1 week, 4 days:

  1. Using only backcombing is a good technique to take dreads if you’re not sure. You can comb it out, even though it takes a lot of time
  2. It may not have looked like it, but the core of each strand was tightly locked up. Each strand had a lot of loose hairs that I didn’t tuck in. I could have gotten a special tool to pull them into the dread, but I didn’t. Why not? Because…
  3. …it takes about an hour per day just to palmroll, clockwise rub and re-backcomb and it had to be done every day to keep the frizz to a minimum. After that, my hands were tired
  4. 110 dreads is too much. They’re too thin to stay straight and will get weird loops after showering or sleeping. That, and it takes about an hour per day just to… you get the idea.
  5. Locksteady gel from Knottyboy shouldn’t be used on thin hair, like mine. What happens is that each hair gets a coating of gel, which can function as a conditioner on those loose hairs: They won’t stick to the dread and will stay loose instead. For the core of the dread, it’s pretty useful I think, but you’d have to first do some maintenance on your hair to pull in those loose strands, which I didn’t do becau-… ahem.
  6. Shampoo without conditioner smells good and feels good. My hair has never felt cleaner.

Conclusion: I didn’t even get to the mature dreads stage and my hair was locked up really well. Having your hair in this style actually takes more time than ‘regular’ hair.

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      “combing out matured deads”
      That sounds interesting… and messy 🙂

      I think you’re right, apparently dreads gather a lot of stuff, from wax to dust and things I don’t want to think about, over a year. Luckily, after little over a month, I only ended up with handfuls of hair (you lose on average 100 hairs per day, they were still in there instead of regrouping in the corners of our appartment as they usually do 😉 )

      Also, I think you need to be extremely patient (yes more patient than 11,5 hours of combing) to comb them out, I’ve seen people use forks because the dreads were too locked up. I could use a normal plastic comb, although some of the teeth are bent now…

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