Taking care of dreads

I might add some notes here on how I maintain my dreads. Why? Because there are so many places where you can find advice, but they contradict and the results differ per type of hair. Some say you can wash your hair after a week, some say you have to wait four weeks. Me? I wash my hair once every two days and I’m sticking to it. (Relieved? I thought so.) This means, of course, that my baby dreads (as they’re affectionately called by many) are being a bit.. well, immature 😉 Right now, you wouldn’t believe that all this fluff will somehow transform to dreads. Today, I spent some time rolling the dreads between my hands to get rid of the fluff. It helps, but not for more than two days. I knew that before I started, dreads need more care than you may think at first glance… well, unless you don’t care what they look like, but I do. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much time on my hair in the morning… (or afternoon or evening, for that matter)

Of course, I’m going against advice, but this is mainly due to the many topics on ‘natural dreads’: Some people don’t want their hair divided in ‘fixed’ sections and the dreads back-combed or knotted manually, possibly in combination with all sorts of chemical stuff, but they want them to develop on their own. This means not combing your hair any more and making dreads by pulling apart the sections of matted hair to make separate strands. As for me… I’ve got rubber bands in my hair and my dreads (I’ve got 110) are back-combed, so I’m somewhere in between. Since I’ve already washed my hair a couple of times and the ends of the hair are falling apart, I think this process will be similar to the ‘natural dreads’ process. I back-combed some of it again myself, but I don’t want to overdo it because the hair should settle and knit on its own accord, I fear back-combing too often might have the opposite effect… I might put some hair spray in to fix it a little more.

*rummages around in closet*

I think I had some hairspray somewhere from when I had short hair…

P.S. Mooki, you posted the 100thdthd comment on my blog! :O People actually read this stuff? 😉
P.P.S. If hairspray says it’s “non-sticky”, they probably mean “non-sticky at certain dosages” 😉 .. Well, the fluff’s gone 😉