Okay, I just finished packing. I’m gonna have to throw away two towels, a pair of trousers I hardly ever wear and a few t-shirts. I hope customs doesn’t open my suitcase, because they’re going to have a hard time closing it again, haha.

I also put some fragile stuff in my backpack, but the three boxes are so big I could hardly close the zipper of the backpack. That can’t be good for my laptop, but heck, it’s an old laptop anyway.

Tonight I have a farewell dinner with my housemates and tomorrow a taxi will pick me up at 18:35. I’ll find a hotel at Osaka Itami and Wednesday morning at 8:30 (Japanese time) I’ll fly back home. Yaaa *cough cough* aay! *puts facemask back on* Hope I won’t be sick on the plane, I’m happy I have bought pills against travel sickness 🙂