On my way home

If you will be reading this the moment this post is published: I just got on the plane and I’ve prepared this message for you 🙂

There’s a lot I can say about my stay in Japan, I think my blog contains most of it. I’m happy that I wrote things down and took pictures, because unfortunately memories fade with time (Which is, sometimes, a good thing, but in this case I want to keep what I can). On my blog, I don’t think I’ve written anything too insightful, I just jotted down things I saw and that sometimes turned out to be funny / silly / stupid / weird and, hopefully, interesting enough to read. But there are times when what you discuss isn’t suitable for a light read, namely when you talk to people about hopes, dreams and expectations for the future. Everyone has their own idea of what it means to be successful in life and you don’t often find people who might not have the same plans for the future but who are in the same ‘place’ as you are. Leaving Japan makes me sad, because I have to leave new friends behind. Maybe we can meet again sometime, maybe next year? We’ll see what happens. I hope that we’ll stay in touch to meet each other when that far-away future – however it will turn out – has become a today.

Also, thank you – yes, you – for taking the time to read my blog. I might continue writing when I get back in Nederland. I’ve talked to some Japanese people and heard so many stories about my country. I wonder if I will notice new things about it, having been away for a short while. Somebody told me that there’s a period of re-entering your own country and culture, so maybe that will be weird too, being amongst Dutch people again. Apparently people are tall, very friendly and it’s a really safe country, but the culture is really weird. Heheh.