No worries, it’s going well

Okay, I’ve washed my hair as often as I always do, as I announced. Of course I’m being extra careful not to untangle anything. I do that by making big knot, so that there aren’t any loose strands that the water can catch, drag down and – as a result – untangle. And so far it’s working, I think. Okay, the roots and tips are just ‘regular’ hair, I think I can comb it if I want to. Also, the strands at the hairline (in my neck, behind my ears and the front row just above my bangs) should be easy to comb out. Thenagain, there are tiny knots at the ends that I can’t untangle just by pulling (I discovered that when I tried to untangle two strands). Especially the middle section of each strand is doing well.

Of course, it’s only the center that feels like it’s starting to become tightly knotted; it still pretty much looks like just strands of hair that need combing.. except that at this stage, I probably can’t “just” comb it out. Getting the small braids out of my hair took me 4 hours already, I think that right now, combing out these dreads-to-be will take 6 to 8 hours. You can compare the pictures I took today with those of the first day. No, it doesn’t look as good as it did when it was first backcombed. It’s a sacrifice I’ll have to make. I could do either this or not wash my hair for four weeks. The latter is not an option, since I have appointments and work and I don’t want to have funky smelling hair… especially since my nose isn’t that good, I might end up being the only one who doesn’t notice…

I’d expected to freak out at this stage, but to be honest… I like my hair this way! For the first time in ages, it’s friggin easy to put it in a ponytail. Usually it’s comb, comb, make a ponytail, be unhappy because one strand doesn’t comply, comb, repeat. Now, it’s more along the lines of grab some hair, put it in a ponytail and it looks casual but still okay. Also, as you can see in the pictures when I had them done, my “normal” hair is… well, thin. There’s not much you can do with it, because hairpins won’t stay in – unless somebody is willing to spend an hour each morning doing my hair, but it sure isn’t me. Right now, my hair has .. volume, if you can call it that 😛

Ofcourse, I’ve had some moments when I thought “What the *bleep* was I thinking??!!?”. After the second time I washed it, it seemed to fall apart and at the same time it was still tangled. I had to backcomb a lot to fix it and it still looked messy… But right now, it’s behaving. I hope it’ll continue to do so… And I hope my graduation supervisors don’t mind XD

We’ll see how long I enjoy my hair like this, right now I don’t regret it.