Elfquest: Two questions about Kings of the Broken Wheel arc

As you can see on my ‘Favourites’ page, Elfquest is by far my most favourite comic. If you haven’t read it, you may want to check out elfquest.com, where all comics are now available for free 🙂

I may indicate which of the Elfquest comics are my favourites later. For now, all I will do is write down two questions. I might post them at the Elfquest forums later. Both questions refer to the Kings of the Broken Wheel arc. I’ve copied the panels I’m referring to in my questions.

  1. If Leetah has been able to remove the wolf blood from a Wolfrider, leaving only elf blood, could she also have done that the other way around: Removing elfin blood but leaving the wolf blood? (Of course, a wolf’s lifespan is much shorter than that of a wolf-elf descendant, so nobody would want to do this, but would it be possible?)
  2. The second panel depicts Picknose as he looks up to the sky and sees the palace. What does Picknose mean when he says what he says in that panel? Does this mean that, between the time-jump Rayek made with the castle, and the moment of ‘landing’, another castle has appeared in the sky? This could mean that either other high ones are looking for kin on the world of Abode, or that the future palace has made leaps back in time. Did this castle stay for a while? What may have happened?

If you’ve read Elfquest, I’d like to know your opinion on this, especially on the second question. Am I seeing things that aren’t there?