Soccer match, sushi, karaoke! :)

Oops, post rate is going down 😉 That’s to be expected of course, after a while.

Last weekend, I said I would go to Tokyo, then I discovered how expensive this was, then decided maybe to go to Osaka and lastly changed my mind again and just stayed in Kyoto 😛 On Friday I had dinner with some of my housemates at the common meal. This house organizes a lot of activities, the common meal is one of them. For the common meal, people can invite one friend from outside the house to join for dinner. Also, next week there’s an ‘international food festival’ where anyone can come and eat, apparently. (Not for free, of course 😉 )

On Saturday, I didn’t do much, except for some programming 8) and then I went to the Dutch bar to watch soccer. I had told the bar owner that I wouldn’t be at the soccer match (because I thought I would go to Tokyo), so he was a little surprised to see me and then, with a worried look on his face he told me “I don’t have a lot of cola, because I thought you wouldn’t be here”, haha. Later, his wife went out to get extra cola for me 🙂

At the bar, the Japanese ABC TV was there and filmed us (the Japanese and Dutch people watching the match). I forgot to bring my photo camera 🙁 so you’ll just have to believe me when I say it was very busy at the bar. Afterwards, they interviewed a Dutch guy.

On Sunday, I went to church! :O Nakarin always goes to this church and I asked her if I could join. I’m curious how different it is. But I forgot to ask one important thing, which I realized when I entered: “Uh oh, protestant church”. I’m catholic, not protestant. I advised her not to mention this because, well, in the Netherlands the responses wouldn’t be very positive if a catholic visited a protestant church, and vice-versa. However, after a while people asked me if I was religious or not and it became clear that they didn’t mind that I am catholic. I asked them why and someone explained that because Christians are a minority in Japan (I think I mentioned this before, Japan refused Christianity in the past) they (have to) work together.

Later, we went to a shopping mall that was about to close and, of course, I spent money again :O 😉 But I’m not going to talk about the stuff I bought, some of it has to remain a surprise to some people 😛

When we went back, we crossed the river again and I took two pictures to show that the water level in the river is rising. It will probably get even higher, I intend to take some more pictures to show this river transforming. At the beginning of april, it was a nice shallow brook with lots of green, but you can already see it changing. (The current isn’t so strong, but apparently people have drowned in the river, many Japanese can’t swim.)

Sunday afternoon, I went to a sushi place with Hai Minh (oh and we played Chinese Chess or Xiangqi earlier this week, don’t remember which day it was…. :S ). You can see two movies that will probably explain everything HERE and HERE 😉

Last but not least, tonight I’m going to karaoke for the first time! 🙂 You may wonder what took me so long, but here in Japan, karaoke is different from elsewhere. In Nederland, for example, you can enter a bar that has karaoke and you’ll be singing while other people – total strangers – who may or may not want to sing themselves, can see you (and laugh whenever possible 😉 )

Here in Japan, you actually hire a room so nobody but the people you are with will see you. Going to karaoke alone is called hitokara (from hitotsu = one / one person, and karaoke), but singing karaoke all by myself… well, I can do that at home, and I do 😛 I haven’t gone to karaoke yet because I didn’t have anyone to go with. After asking around I found some people who want to go as well, so tonight I’m going to Japanese karaoke! 😀