Please don’t return?

Well that was weird. Every now and then, I feel like I’m in The Truman Show (good 1998 movie), only the part where it just started to get a little strange, nothing too obvious yet. Yesterday I had dinner at a restaurant nearby my house and ended up trying to talk to one of the chefs. His English wasn’t good at all, but well.. he tried. He looked up some words in a Japanese-English dictionary and when I asked to see the dictionary, he said I could have it as a present. Should I have refused? Obviously, I didn’t. I accepted the gift and thanked him very very politely.

So, trying to strike up some sort of conversation, I tried to ask him how that would work with kanji and dictionaries. I mean, how are kanji sorted, how can you look up their meaning in a dictionary if you don’t know the meaning? You can’t derive from a kanji how to pronounce it if you don’t know the meaning, so you can’t use phonetic look-up. I tried to ask, but he was unable to answer the question. So, I decided to quickly go home and get my English-Japanese dictionary, that would make things a lot easier. I tried to explain I’d be right back (saying something in the line of “please wait, this evening I’ll go and return”), but when I got back the window shutters were closed… And all that in under five minutes. It was really strange, especially since the sign was still outside. To me, it kind of looked like he’d quickly closed the shutters to prevent me from returning. On hindsight, it may have been past closing time and since Japan is so safe, the sign isn’t taken inside for the night.. Thenagain, with the rain season coming up and sudden, heavy bursts of rain, I don’t think it’s good for a sign to stay outside… I just don’t know what to make of it..

Trivia: I have 256 songs on my iPod