Karaoke and roadworks

Just a brief report on karaoke. Yesterday I went to karaoke with Hélène, Etienne, Yuka and Kaze. You can see some photo’s below. Karaoke in Japan turns out to be what I said it would be, but totally different from what I thought it would be 😉 You’re actually in a very small room, it reminded me of the waiting room in the eye-hospital that my dad was in a couple of years ago. Someone had told me, when I asked what songs they have, that “they have everything”. Now this may not be entirely true, but they do have a wide variety of songs (see picture below). Notice, for example, “In Flames” in the list of artists, which I by the way only know because I know they’re in Sander’s playlist. Later, maybe I’ll go again and see what other remarkable things I can find, I think Hélène would like to go again too. Or maybe I’ll consider hitokara after all…

Anyone have any weird artists or songs I should look for? 😉

The last set photo’s show roadworks, Japanese style. I noticed it while riding my bike back home yesterday. There was one police officer, four people doing traffic with their glow-in-the-dark sticks and…. five men working on the road…

P.S. I’m failing with chopsticks this week. I’m dropping everything, even launched a piece of meat across the table and yesterday I managed to get rice in my hair… :S

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    Haha, yes I’ve seen it. I e-mailed you about that yesterday without having seen this comment here. I wonder what will happen next… you think there’s any data on the number of students that visit the study advisor? I’d like to see the future trend…

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