Complaining about the weather ;)

I think I’m officially homesick now 😉 I watched zwartboek (movie) two days ago and I’ve never felt more patriotic in my life :S On the other hand, I don’t really want to leave because I’ve met some nice people that I’ll have to leave behind if I go. I’ve watched some more movies with some folks and I’ve spent some time talking with an Estonian girl (Liis) and a Japanese girl about WWII. Later, I met Liis again, as well as Shige, a Japanese student who will be visiting Nederland for half a year starting next Februari. In short, I’ve met nice people here, some of whom I’d be willing to adopt if I could 😛 Actually, I promised Wim and Meika (owners of Bar This Way) that if I ever become rich, I will adopt them 😉

Also, last Friday I went to the physics department of Kyodai to see some experiments that Hai Minh and his colleagues showed to undergraduate students. Afterwards, there was a conference-like meeting with food and Hai Minh’s department gave me a free ticket for the food … ehm, meeting O:) I made some photo’s and a movie of the experiments, you can see the photo’s below and the movie of the experiment HERE. He also posted a movie of this on Youtube, with some commentary he added later. You can also hear Damien in that movie, who is very surprised at seeing the movie Hai Minh is showing him, and is unaware that Hai Minh is actually recording their voices at that very moment, haha. You can view it HERE.

Monday, I came online very early to congratulate Sander 🙂 and then we complained a bit back and forth about the weather, like Dutch people do. If you are in Nederland and you’re complaining about the weather, try this:

  • Monday morning, 7AM, 24 degrees Celcius, humidity 95%
  • Monday morning, 9AM, 27 degrees Celcius, humidity 94%
  • Monday afternoon, 12 noon, 29 degrees Celcius, humidity 62%
  • 3PM, 34 degrees Celcius, humidity 62%

Fairly quickly, I stopped recording the time and temperature, because it became too warm to think… Thank god the humidity percentage went down, it’s so hard to breathe when the air is like water… I understand now why every room has airconditioning 😉 Also, I’m seeing more and more people with towels around their necks. You should always know where your towel is… 😛

It should be no surprise that it’s been raining, the river’s water level is rising, as you can see and hear HERE.

Some other things:

  • Below, you can see some pictures of last Friday (physics department) and Saturday (evening out with Lieselot, a Belgian girl doing a part of her PHD here)
  • Friday, me, Hai Minh (Dammit, I did it again! It should be Minh Hai, but he introduced himself as Hai Minh the first time because he himself has gotten used to the Japanese way of changin the order of names. I’ve been trying to change to Minh Hai but I’m failing horribly 🙁 ) and Damien would go to karaoke, but Friday there’s also a soccer match between The Netherlands and Brazil. At first, I said I didn’t really need to see that match, but then Hai Minh made the remark of this being “probably the last time you’ll see your country on this World Cup” haha, so we’re probably going to watch that match.
  • In Japan, they use a circle as symbol for something ‘good’ or ‘correct’, instead of a checkmark or, in the Netherlands a ‘krul’. If you are not allowed to do something, or if a shop is closed, somebody is very likely to make an ‘X’ with their forefingers, hands or even with their entire lower arms (if it’s very bad, I guess). If you are done drinking/eating and want the bill, you make a small ‘X’ with your forefingers. If something is correct, people will make a circle with their thumb and forefinger. The ‘krul’ as we know it, is not as universal as we think it is. I found an explanation somewhere on the intarwebz:

    Het is niet ondenkbaar dat de krul bij een goed antwoord een gestileerde “g” (voor “goed”) is, iets wat zo in de Grote Van Dale is opgenomen:

    g’tje het
    1 het letterteken ‘g’ ik loop met m’n krijtje tussen de rijen door, en zet m’n g’tjes
    als afkorting van goed

    (Slightly adapted translate output 😛 I’m lazy)
    It is not inconceivable that the curl with a good answer is a stylized “g” (for “good”), included in the dictionary as follows:

    g’tje the
    1 the character ‘g’ I walk with my chalk between the rows, and put my g’tjes
    as an abbreviation of good

  • I was, very briefly, at Bar This Way yesterday, but left before the next soccer match began because I hadn’t brought my earplugs. When someone learned about this, he said “Oh, because of the bubuzera’s?” … The what?? “The bubuzera’s”, he repeated, after which I realized he meant vuvuzela’s. Japanese doesn’t have a ‘v’, nor an ‘l’, haha.