Quick note

In case you were wondering: Yes, I intend to put both the good and the bad stories up on this website. See post titled ‘Welcome’: This site is mainly for my own enjoyment 😛

I intend to write down as much as I can and stay as close as possible to what I really think about things, so that when I read it afterward (or if someone else reads it), it won’t be a view that is colored by my own censoring of words. Every now and then I do wonder “Should I put this up there?”, but I think that especially when I’m wondering that, it’s worth writing down.

Some things:

  • Like I told someone yesterday, of course I know that covering up my hair only makes people stare more! 😛 But it made me feel better, and that’s what counted.
  • Sylvia had already told me, but I didn’t really notice them myself, until yesterday: There are indeed traffic mirrors at every street corner, even in the narrow street where I’m staying. I’ve found them now and it’s really helpful, no need to be afraid that a car is suddenly going to appear, you can look around the corner using the mirrors. I’ll take a picture later.
  • There’s a picture of a parking lot without parking space number 4 below. I guessed that the number four means bad luck. I just looked it up and I was right: The number four is pronounced the same as the word for death, which is why it’s said to bring bad luck.