Yikes! One more day!

Tomorrow’s the big day and it’s finally sunk in 😉

I’ve been reasonably calm up to now, but today I filled up my suitcase with stuff… then reconsidered, threw some stuff out, added some more stuff, reorganized, and lastly re-added the stuff that I had thrown out at step two. So, yes, I’m getting a bit nervous I guess.

Below, an attempt to sort it all out and get my mind organized:

  • Amsterdam Schiphol airport – Tokyo Narita airport.
    Terminal: 2 (this presumably means the terminal of departure, but I’m not 100% sure. It is the most logical option, though..)
    Departure April 9th at 21:00, April 10th at 15:25 (Japanese time).
  • Retrieve luggage, don’t know where.
  • Check in again, don’t know where.
  • Tokyo Narita airport – Osaka Itami airport.
    Again, terminal: 2. Again assumed to be terminal of departure.
    Departure April 10th at 16:50, arrival April 10th at 18:15.
  • Retrieve luggage, don’t know where.
  • Buy ticket for bus to Kyoto station, don’t know where.
  • Phone internship supervisor to tell which bus I’m taking
  • Find bus 😉
  • Osaka Itami airport – Kyoto station. Transport: By bus.

Biggest challenge of tomorrow: Staying calm. For me, that basically means that I need to keep reminding myself that I can’t go very fast in new surroundings and accepting the fact that I don’t know exactly where I need to go, but that it will be all right. I intend to ask around at Schiphol for someone who’s also going to Osaka Itami on the same flights as I am, and asking if I can tag along at Narita. It may sound a bit silly, but this is only my second flight ever, the first being my trip to London with Sander.

At least I’ve found a fix for one of my lifelong weaknesses: I asked Sander what I could do to make my suitcase more recognizable to me. I suck at finding / recognizing things and people when I’m in crowded and/or new places, so tomorrow’s going to be a hoot. I’ve put some duct tape strips on my suitcase, it’ll hopefully make it easier to find 🙂

2 Replies to “Yikes! One more day!”

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    Wil je nogmaals goede reis wensen en hÊÊl veel succes in Japan. Dapper dat je dit allemaal doet.

    En in terminal 2 moet je inchecken, op je boarding pass staat waar je aan boord moet. Hersens uit en gele bordjes volgen. Dan kom je in ieder geval Amsterdam wel uit.


    • 2

      Bedankt voor de aanmoediging. Die is heel welkom, want op dit moment voel ik me niet zo dapper hoor 😉
      Nouja, gemengde gevoelens, natuurlijk ook super dat ‘n buitenlandstage mogelijk is! 😀

      Deze stage gaat een hele hoop nieuwe ervaringen met zich meebrengen, zoals dus uitzoeken hoe vliegvelden werken. Ik kom er vast wel uit, maar ik zal toch blij zijn als ik in Kyoto sta en opgehaald word door iemand die de weg kent 😉

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