Time fail

Okay, so the time in Japan is not 9 hours later, but 7 hours later. Which means that today I need to stay awake for two more hours than I thought I would have to. Sander suggested I could also just go to bed at the time I planned, and tomorrow (that is, Wednesday) I’ll go to bed at the right time.

Some other things people have asked me:

Where I’ll be staying
I’ll be staying at an international student house in Kyoto: http://kyotohdb.wordpress.com/. I know very little about it yet, except for what Google Translate tells me (For translate result click here).

Apparently, on April 10th there is a welcome party. That’s great, that’s exactly the day I arrive there! 😀 .. Thenagain, I don’t know if I’ll be in much of a mood to party, new environment and all will probably make me feel rather overwhelmed.

Furthermore, the accomodation is very nice, as far as I can judge by the website. Rooms are cleaned regularly, and the photos look nice. I’ve asked for a single room and I especially hope that the sanitary, which I’ll be sharing with other students, is clean.. Since it’s kindof a youth hostel, from what I can gather, I think it’ll be a good place to stay. My internship supervisor was so kind to arrange the room for me and has paid the deposit as well. That’s because in Japan you are apparently expected to pay in cash every month and, obviously, it’s too much of a hassle to exchange Euro’s for Yen and then put that in an envelope and send it back 😉

How you can stay in touch with me
Well, most people have an e-mail address of me somewhere. If you happen to be awake when I am (that is, between 0:00 and 15:00 :S ) then you can find me on MSN and, if you remind me to start it, Skype. I’ve brought a webcam with me, but I won’t be taking that with me to RIMS in the day, so somewhere between 12:00 and 15:00, when it’s evening for me, you can try 😛

Lastly, I’ve added two clocks to this site, one for Eindhoven and one for Kyoto. Right now they’re somewhere at the bottom because this theme screws around with the sidebars so much that it just isn’t funny anymore. I’ll try to fix it, but no promises.