Still sick :(

Soooo… I had planned to switch to Japanese time this week. But it’s failing horribly. I went to bed two hours earlier yesterday. If I do that every week, by Tuesday I’ll go to sleep at 2 pm, which is 11pm in Japan. I set my alarm clock to 6.30 this morning, but when the alarm sounded, I felt horrible. I’m still not recovered, I have a really annoying cough, my upper lip and nose are wrecked from all the sneezing and blowing my nose. So, I shut down the alarm and slept on.. until 11am :O I slept for 15 frickin’ hours!

No way that I’ll be able to go to sleep four hours earlier tonight..

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    Hehe, how about going to sleep _later_ every night? 😉 If you manage 2am today, and go to bed 3 hours later every day, you’ll be on Japanese time around thursday…

    And maybe it’s a good idea to approach the AMC teacher about the exam date? Being sick, failing to shift your sleep schedule and then jetlag might not leave you in a good state to do that exam monday.

    Anyway, good luck!

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      Going to bed later won’t help my getting better from the flu 🙁 You know what happened Thursday, in the evenings it gets worse. Thanks for the tip on the exam though, I’ll see how I am doing Tuesday, if I don’t feel well, I’ll e-mail him.

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