Second day

Not having internet in my room royally screws up my usual morning ritual, i.e. checking my e-mail and some websites. Also, internet is very slow here. I hope there are more and better internet access points at RIMS, because otherwise using the webcam to stay in touch may be difficult.

Buying the power converter didn’t make much of a difference, I just found out that the plug of my laptop adapter doesn’t fit in the converter. Bummer. Then again, I can see where the difference is, my laptop has an adapter of its own that can deal with Japanese voltage, whereas the charger for my camera does not, so it needs a converter. So I bought a new plug head for the laptop. I have some battery left, so I’ll know if it works in a few minutes.

I bought the plug at Teramachi-dori, which is a huge street / passageway with shops. It took me a while to find it, because asking for directions is very difficult here. Thankfully, I have the Lonely Planet guide with me, which has a few small maps and some advice on, amongst others, where to buy things like such a plug. I had to ask three times before I found a store that had one. Fortunately, I know how to ask if someone speaks English, that does speed things up a bit.

Below, you can find some photo’s. I had a movie of my room, but that’s a bit big, so I’ll make some photo’s of it later. I don’t walk around with the camera glued to my face, so the pictures are a bit random. If I mention something that I don’t have photo’s of, and you would like to see what I’m talking about, let me know. I have four months to take pictures at request 😉

Some other stuff:

  • Some Japanese will just talk to you in Japanese, even though you’ve asked them if they speak English 😉 Fortunately, Japanese borrows many words from English, such as ‘electronics’ and ‘shop’.
  • You can find those rotating lollipop things outside many stores. I’ve seen about ten of them in two days already. Edit: Don’t have a picture yet, will upload later.
  • Vending machines are EVERYWHERE (Yes, it deserves those capital letters). The international student house I’m staying at is in a small back street, and that street alone has six to eight of those machines.
  • Chairs at bus stops (see photo) are… well… they reflect the rather safe society here, I guess. If we’d have such chairs in big cities at home, they wouldn’t survive the next football match.
  • Yoghurt and noodles do not taste the same here. Bananas and orange juice do 🙂
  • I’ve found the first foreigner-friendly ATM. Yay, money! 🙂
  • Things that are the same: People in compute rooms like to sit in the dark. Crying children.
  • I need a bike.
  • Lastly, I’m staying at:

    International Student House HdB (Haus der Begegnung)
    postal code 60658325
    Shogoin 10 Higashimachi, Sakyo-ku
    Kyoto-City, Kyoto
    Room 22

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  1. 1

    I just added a picture of the lollipop stands outside shops, hotels, barbers, etc… They’re everywhere, and I’ve only seen a handful of streets (both main streets and back streets)

  2. 2

    Hey Diana-san!

    It’s great to hear that your adventure started without any major problems, and that you experienced some personal victories already 😉

    I hope you’re having fun there. The pictures look awesome (especially the narrow street, the park, and the courtyard), and I had to laugh about the toilet(-seat) gizmo, it’s just so Japanese 😀

    Oh, and I don’t know when exactly you’re doing the AMC exam tomorrow (today…), but: good luck!

    I’m proud of you for doing this, and I’m sure I’m not the only one 🙂

    • 3

      Thanks! Initially, the teacher in Eindhoven had said that I would do the exam today. But later he and my internship supervisor in Kyoto agreed that I would do it Wednesday, so I have some more time. Thanks anyway!

    • 5

      Nou, ik ben donderdag op vrijdag toch maar wat gaan slapen, want anders werd het wel heel erg (48u wakker kan ik echt niet), maar zaterdag was ik ‘s avonds Japanse tijd erg moe, en heb dus goed geslapen. Gisteravond ook, dus ik denk dat het wel goed zit. Ik zie er wel erg moe uit nog, maar ik voel me goed.

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