Ordering food online: WTF?

Today, with my being sick, I didn’t walk towards the store until half past seven, only to find a note on the door saying that they’re closed because of Good Friday. Okay, so that wasn’t smart of me, but hey, there’s always the option of ordering food online, right? So, what I did was browse to our favourite online food service: www.thuisbezorgd.nl, which is, quite frankly, awesome. Today, however, I decided to order at a rivaling company, justeat.nl, blatantly ignoring the fact that they offer about the same restaurants and the one I decided on (a pizza restaurant) may be available on Thuisbezorgd as well. Instead of checking that, I placed my order.

Everything went well, the payment was made, I clicked to return to the justeat website. Ahem. I CLICKED to get back to the justeat website. *click*…. *click* … *refresh* … Nothing… Not only am I 11,50 poorer, I also have no pizza. So, I tried to contact them through their chat service. When I didn’t get a response, I decided to call them, leaving the chat window open. You never know. Via the phone I was assured that I would get my money back and that I would have to place the order again. I requested a confirmation e-mail from them, which I still haven’t received even though that conversation ended well over half an hour ago :S

Edit: All my fellow-patient impaired will agree with me that, yes, the e-mail will eventually come through, but it would have all been so much easier if the rest of the world would just be on the same mental schedule we are on, i.e. if you say you’re going to send it now, then send it NOW.

Meanwhile, I successfully placed a new pizza order on Thuisbezorgd.nl, which – not surprisingly – went perfect. Then, I returned to the justeat chat window to close that. Someone had replied, asking what the problem was:

Turing test anyone?

Transcript of conversation:
Me: Good evening, is anyone from customer service available?
= Message stating that nobody is available and that I may leave a message =
= Hello, my name is Hidde. How may I help you?
Me: Sorry, thanks for the reply. I’ve already spoken to someone on the phone. Thanks very much for the reply, though.
Hidde: Do you have the order number or the phone number that was specified during the order? I will look it up for you.