About the flu and long hair

I have some stuff to do before I leave to Japan. I want to buy a new pair of shoes that don’t have high heels, for example. But I’ve been procrastinating and now I’m sick 🙁 Fever, dizzyness, sore throat. The idea of ‘too many’ applied to paper hankies yields a contradiction at the moment. So, instead, I cleaned the house a bit. Those that also have long hair know what that does to your house. You find hairs just about everywhere. If you don’t vacuum regularly, you’ll find it wrapped around cables, huddling together in corners and even on that window sill you’ve never approached since you moved in. Awesome.

We’ve been considering a pet, but as it is, we don’t need another distributor of hairfluff, there’s already plenty under that couch, see?

Oh yeah, PS. I got the flight ticket last week 🙂 8 days to go until departure :O