Workshop and skydive

Okay, so the movies of the skydive are, like, 70 MB or so. So I’m not going to place them here until I figure out a way to make them smaller.

As for the workshop, below you can see some pictures that Tjeerd took with my photocamera. There are two movies as well. They’re about 20 MB, but that’s doable I guess. You can download them here and here.

Okay, so there is a third, but I’m censoring that one, because we were RUSHING that and that kinda bums me out. Also, I totally forgot to open my monitor channel to anything but myself, and I think it’s showing. So.. I’ve a lot to learn yet. It was a LOT of fun nonetheless. Thanks so very much to Hein (guitar, on the left), Janique (bass guitar), Teun (guitar, on the right) and Kees (drums) for playing and singing with me during those workshop sessions and last night at the performance.

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