Part-time music study

Today I went to visit Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg. It was a humbling and inspiring day at the same time. I’m not pretending to be at the required level at all, but it was very encouraging to do nonetheless. Together with other interested people (mainly women, but two men, now there’s the world up-side-down from the point of view of a Computer Science and Engineering student 😉 ) we sang and improvized to a standard jazz song. I honestly don’t remember the names or lyrics, all I know that I was surprised to find that I actually improvised stuff that I was happy with.

So now… I’m considering taking two courses – when I get back from Japan – at Schumann Akademie to acquire some required skills such as solfege, musical dictation, rythmic dictation and singing off sheet music, all the things I’ve never done before and need to be able to do if I ever want to apply to a conservatory…. Again, not claiming to be at the required level, but I do want to know how far I can get in such a trajectory, so that when I’m old and grey, I can look back and know that at least I tried everything I wanted to 🙂

I intend to do my very best next year to improve my singing and theoretic knowledge, in order to take the entrance exam at Fontys Conservatory in April 2011.

It runs in the family: I can’t sit still either.