Looping Louie / Stef Stuntpiloot!

As of today, I’m the proud and happy owner of Looping Louie or, as the game is called in Dutch, Stef Stuntpiloot 😀 On the first of April there’s a National Student Championship Looping Louie at the sport’s centre. Now that I have the game, me and Marcel can practice, since he has never played the game before. Stef Stuntpiloot is awesome!

Oh, and I included two pictures I took today, of someone playing guitar and singing in front of the HEMA in Eindhoven. Most people did what I would usually do: Stare straight ahead and keep walking. But I didn’t do that today. I sat down and listened. It was nice to see that some people stopped as well and sat down next to me to listen. I started making a habit of taking my photo camera with me, so I took some pictures.