Flight ticketing is taking forever..

Okay, so I mailed the touring operator that I had my visa on the 9th of March. They then e-mailed me that they would peform the ticketing as soon as possible. Eleven days later, I got the message that they hadn’t forgotten about me, but that it was very busy. The ticket would be there the next day. However, that day, a Friday, they found out they needed an authorization code from London and the person arranging that wouldn’t be there until Monday. You’d expect that they know about that kind of stuff, being a tour operator that specializes in flights to Japan.. Now, today, I got the message that they can’t make it today either, because of … sales.. stuff..

I got the promise that the ticket will be there tomorrow. The e-mail said “I know it seems as if we don’t want to perform the ticketing, but it will really be there tomorrow :-)”. Sigh.. Obviously, when they already have your money, other stuff gets a higher priority.

Of course, there’s a limit to how much I can complain about this, because I got a special deal: Normally, the ticketing would have to be performed within 72 hours after the flight reservation. For me, the ticketing would be postponed until I had my visa. I would inform them at the beginning of March – which I did – if I had my visa. And that’s a great situation for me, because I would have gotten all my money back if the visa application – for some unlikely reason – had been unsuccesful.

Still, it’s about time the tour operator performs the ticketing, because the airline company is keeping a reservation for me and I really want that ticket now 🙂 (!)