Personal Diary: B.O.O.M. lama’s

Gisteren ben ik op het podium gaan staan voor de B.O.O.M. lama’s. Ik zei vooraf al dat het moeilijker is om op het podium te staan dan in het publiek, […]

Painting chairs. (100th post!)

Yay, this is my 100th post on imyou 🙂 For those interested: imyou is actually Japanese for ‘alias’ or ‘nickname’. It so happens to be that you can also read […]

Looping Louie / Stef Stuntpiloot!

As of today, I’m the proud and happy owner of Looping Louie or, as the game is called in Dutch, Stef Stuntpiloot 😀 On the first of April there’s a […]

Personal Diary: GERUIS

Gisteren had ik uitvoering van de workshop bij Nico Spruijt. Daar zongen nog meer meiden en een van hen werd door Tjeerd gevraagd of ze interesse had om bij GERUIS […]

Workshop and skydive

Okay, so the movies of the skydive are, like, 70 MB or so. So I’m not going to place them here until I figure out a way to make them smaller.

As for the workshop, below you can see some pictures that Tjeerd took with my photocamera. There are two movies as well. They’re about 20 MB, but that’s doable I guess. You can download them here and here.

Mmmm, sleep…

I really didn’t want to get out of bed today, but I promised someone I’d help with installing a laptop and secondary devices. After pressing snooze elebenty times, I got […]