Starting today, I’m participating in a bandworkshop. Last weekend, I got a call in response to my application and was told to choose some songs. That was kindof a shock, hearing that it was up to me to choose appropriate songs. I chose nine songs and put them on USB:

Fiction Plane – Two Sisters
KT Tunstall – Miniature Disasters
Maroon 5 – Harder to Breathe
Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby
K’s Choice – Not an Addict
Oasis – Wonderwall
The Police – Message in a Bottle
The Cardigans – Favourite Game
Within Temptation – Ice Queen

With two of those (can you guess which?), I’m already farmiliar because I sing them in the band I am playing in, but all others are new to me. I tried to choose songs that were not too typical but interesting for me as well as – as far as I can judge – for my fellow band-members and for an audience too. I was rather pleased with the list I came up with, I was just a little worried if they would feel the same.

So, today, I met the four guys who will be my fellow band-members for the upcoming 12 weeks. They responded positively to the songs I had chosen and playing them went rather well for a first time. In no time, three songs were selected – the first three songs of the above list – and during that 1,5 hour session we made a good start on all three of them. The guys picked up the songs really quickly, figuring out the music on hearing alone! That’s awesome 🙂

I’d already practised a bit and I’m very happy with the result: it was a fun evening, we made a good start I think, both musically and in working together, and I felt good about standing there singing in front of complete strangers. Also, their positive feedback was very rewarding.