Oh dear…

Okay, so when I left, Marcel would switch off his phone and use it as back-up alarm for the next nap…

It’s now sixteen hours later and last night at 2:22 I got an e-mail from Marcel, stating that Bart didn’t show up. I saw that mail this morning at 8:40 and sent him an e-mail and a text message, asking him to mail or text me back if he was awake. I haven’t heard from him yet.. His 9:00 nap should have ended now, and his cell phone is still switched off. I hope that Sander’s prediction hasn’t come true:

“I bet he’s going to fall asleep and then sleep for 20 hours straight!”

We should have thought of setting additional alarms to wake him up should he fall asleep…. :S

Edit: Whew, he’s awake. I advised him to set additional alarms, though. I told him about Sander’s prediction and his response was: “Mmm, 20 hours of sleep…..I’d like that..”.

Edit: Ow, something I forgot to mention that happened yesterday: We were walking to the super market (yay for super markets that are open on Sundays!) and he was telling me how his memory was slowly getting worse. To which I replied: “I know, I read that on your blog.”. His response: “I blogged about that?” Also, later, he reread a post of his and admitted that he had this “Did I write this?”-feeling. …. Hee hee.