Drawing, painting and polyphasic sleep

Okay, there are two new sketches and two new paintings in the media gallery. The paintings I did quite a while ago, during the last meeting of the painting lab. :O

A friend of mine is going to try polyphasic sleep using the Uberman sleep schedule. I’m going to observe him. I was thinking about trying it as well, but … I just chickened out I guess.. I have too much to do to sacrifice two weeks to adapting to the sleep schedule. I am, however, considering trying to reduce the amount of sleep I need per night, simply by allowing my body an hour less sleep. The adaptation period should be similar to an experiment he pointed out, that is 7 to 14 days. And it’s less risky and has less influence on my life than Uberman 😉 As it is, I sleep about 9,5 hours a night. I’m used to that and I kinda need that sleep by now, but it’s gotten a bit annoying as well: I found myself having too few hours in a day to do all that I want/need to do. So, in addition to Marcel‘s little experiment, I will be conducting a mini-experiment of my own 😉

OT: I’ve been working in LaTeX a lot lately. This post, I caught myself trying to use \\ instead of <br /> about four times…. >_>