I am soooooo *not* doing Uberman myself. Like, ever.

I just slept for two hours, in-between Marcel’s naps. I had about 3 hours’ time, but after 50 minutes of drowsiness I suddenly woke up thinking “I haven’t set an alarm. If he falls asleep we’re in deep trouble”, and “Mmmm, warm” and then “Blast, I’m here to support Marcel”, after which I walked into the living room to fetch my cell phone and set an alarm. The alarm just woke me up and it didn’t feel nice. I actually got the comment “you look shittier than I feel”, which can’t be good. I’m fine now, but sleeping for this short a time is definitely not something I’d recommend to anyone unless you’re immensely motivated and/or have a vacancy on the top floor.

Makes you realise how short 20 minutes really is if you’re the one having that much time to sleep. I hadn’t given it much thought, except for when I was typing my previous post: I started typing that when he went to bed and hadn’t finished when it was time for him to wake up. Now that I myself have only slept for 2 hours, I realise that’s still a hundred times better than what he’s doing and he’s been doing it for three days now…. Yikes.

Also, I woke up hungry but at the same time not in the mood to eat. I hadn’t eaten a lot before I went to sleep and I noticed that my digestion was not very happy about having to do a reboot. I get the point of eating small bits in between naps now…