Update on internship in Japan

Okay, so I haven’t really posted regular updates on this, but now’s the time then. Last august, all three parties (me, my study coordinator and the receiving coordinator) signed the contract for my internship and my study programme – including an internship – was approved. Today, I heard that the master coordinator approved my internship request, so apart from the visum, it’s official!

What will I be doing? Well, I will be doing an internship of 14 weeks at RIMS at Kyoto University (http://www.kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/index.html). The topic is compositional verification of modal formulas, a topic that is scalable in nature (can start out simple and can become very complex). I am enthousiastic and a bit nervous and I especially hope that during those weeks I will have the time to see a lot of Kyoto and surroundings!

In November, I will meet my Japanese supervisor, Ichiro Hasuo and during that month, the visum request will be formulated by RIMS. So, that’s the final hurdle.