Well.. THAT was weird

As of yesterday, we no longer have the option for the apartment I posted about earlier. It was turning out to be a weird story. Even the intermediary didn’t know what exactly was going on, but after finding out yesterday that the landlord had changed the lock of the front door, I consider it good judgment from my side that I had already gone and retrieved all our personal belongings the week before. I just didn’t trust it anymore, after hearing – even though we had already gotten the key – that the landlord suddenly had personal and mental problems and was afraid to rent out the place.. or something like that. Since we didn’t have a contract yet and it hadn’t cost us a lot of money yet (okay, we cleaned the place, which now kinda sucks, but there are worse things), I told the intermediary yesterday that we’re just not going to waste any more energy on this. There’s a point when after one bet and ten times checking, you just go ‘shove it’ and pass. It’s just not worth the hassle.

Yes, it’s too bad, we both feel that way, but I’d rather not rent from a landlord that first gives you the key and then changes the lock…. :S