Yesterday, we went to see Yamato in Sittard with Sander, his father, his sister and their partners. Somewhere in January and February we had already gone to Slagerij van Kampen. Both are percussion groups. I liked Yamato better, mainly because they had a decor with a Japanese style, whereas Slagerij van Kampen had – as far as I can recall – no decor at all. They also did things SvK didn’t do. There were jokes; one of the percussionists played somewhat of a joker (interacting with the audience, making us clap to a rythm and by missing some beats himself every now and then), they took their drumming into a different context by making it seem as if they were tossing balls back and forth and also by duelling with one-another and they also used a few other instruments every now and then, such as a flute and four guitars (I *think* they were guitars anyway). Of course, there’s only so much you can do while beating drums, but I liked it and I recommend others to go see them.