Trip to London – Part 3: Friday continued and Saturday

Friday continued: Back in the hotel, we saw a message on the television, directed to us, that we could order a take-away dinner at the hotel, which we did the next day. After that I tested the shower, which didn’t give a lot of water, but it was very very warm 🙂

On Saturday, I realized that I didn’t have to go swimming this week, because I got a lot of exercise this weekend. I felt it in my legs. That day, we went into town again and tried to find a new adapter, since the English differ from the European and because the laptop’s electrical connector didn’t fit in the European connection of the one I bought at the airport. On the other hand, we didn’t really need a laptop, so I didn’t really mind. We did forget some other things though, Sander forgot a hairbrush – fortunately I had one – and I forgot scissors. My nails were so long they were breaking. Later that weekend I borrowed scissors from the reception.

I had expected that because the weekend was Dutch holiday, it would have been calm, but since it was a bank holiday, there were a lot of people about this weekend. We visited the National Gallery (entrance free) at Trafalgar Square and bought some books at Waterstone’s and ate and drank something at Costa, which was situated on the first floor of Waterstone’s. We briefly considered going to see the Wolverine movie, but since my hearing was troubling me at that moment and I forgot my earplugs (another thing we forgot), we decided against it.

Back at the hotel, we ordered Chinese food. 🙂