Trip to London – Part 2: Friday

I’ve added a link to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, that’s easier than explaining what it is. As expected, I don’t have a receipt of the Chinese restaurant we went to.

On Friday, I woke up with a sore back and neck. I asked the hotel whether they had other pillows, but they didn’t. A few days later I concluded that it weren’t the pillows, it was the soft mattress. So if you have a back like mine – that complains easily if the bed is too soft – don’t go there. The last two nights I got more used to the soft bed and the last morning I dind’t have a sore back at all. Of course, this morning after sleeping in my own bed I had a sore back again… <_<

We had breakfast at about nine o’ clock (a time we adhered to throughout the weekend). The breakfast itself was rather simple: It consisted of small croissants, small buns, brown and white slices of bread, muffins, occasionally some cake, three types of cereal and two types of milk, jam, butter, yogurt in several flavors, cheese and all sorts of drinks ranging from coffee to orange juice. There was also a toaster to toast the slices of bread. (It had a notice on it that warned people not to put croissants in there.)

We visited the London Bridge Experience & The London Tombs (very scary >_<), The Tower of London (by that time I was glad I brought plasters for my sore feet 😉 ) and St Paul’s, where we discovered that also foreign students can get their tickets at a student price 😀

For the Tower of London we used the 2for1 voucher. We got a tour from a beefeater there. Summary: If you were a traitor, you died. If you were a traitor and knew the king, you died inside the Tower walls. There were a lot of traitors.

That evening, we ate at an Italian restaurant near Trafalgar Square. Don’t ask me where it is or how we got there, I’m pretty sure that if I tried to retrace our steps through London with colored crayons, it would look a lot like a MozART image 🙂 (Jan’s Portfolio, page 8)
But basically, you don’t need a map to see London. All you need is a map of the underground, which can be found in every underground station.