Today, I went to a cafe in the centre of town, where the local band always plays and visitors/customers go on stage to sing. I’ve been there once before, on a quiet night and sung Kayleigh there. At that moment I felt a bit insecure about it, but today I went there again and after a while I felt more comfortable there and I really wanted to sing again. So, I walked to the stage and asked if they knew Message in a Bottle from the Police, a song I’ve been rehearsing with my band as well. Yes, they knew it and – somewhat to my relief – immediately asked whether I wanted to sing it. I said yes, they didn’t give me a moment to doubt about it and invited me on stage to sing it. I was a bit nervous and for a short moment afterwards I wondered whether I’d sung it right, but at the moment I was singing the verses I felt surprisingly at ease. This has been a good experience for me.