Cartoon nostalgia

Today, a customer came to my desk for some notebook support and his desktop background was some fanart for an anime called Legend. I haven’t seen it, but just now I searched online for the word ‘anime’ just to see if there’s anything nice to watch. Then, via Wikipedia, it occurred to me how much anime I’ve actually seen in my life without knowing it. Anime is a word used to indicate japanese cartoons (mainly due to the fact that the word is the japanese derivation of animation and, much like Santa Claus, has been copied back and forth), but even before anime got well-known in The Netherlands, cartoons that were produced in Japan were already on Dutch television.

Ulysses 31

Things I’ve watched the past years without fully realizing it’s anime:
Dragon Ball Z
Flint the time detective
Shin Chan
Sonic X
Super Pig
Samurai Pizza Cats

Especially Super Pig is one that I had forgotten but that I look back upon with joy. And Samurai Pizza Cats; there are just no words. Wonderful, I’m sure there’s plenty more I’ve seen that just make you go ‘Oh yeah that one!’ 🙂