Disturbed Seas – A short piece I wrote a while ago

She raged, screamed, bellowed her anger throughout the sky. How dare he, how DARE he. The sea, which was hers and hers alone, had been disturbed. A vessel that once seemed so calm and beautiful had violated her trust and I AM ENRAGED. Her voice turned the color of thunder as she spoke, those who feared her rage fled the turmoiled water.
None but the fishermen of old, who feared her not, remained onboard their ships. However tiny their pieces of wood, held together by scraps of metal were, those who had always shown her respect had little to fear for their boats or their lives. They and they alone understood that what was given to them was given to them with all the love she had and that she had little to spare. Not only did they accept what she gave them with dignity and gratitude, they thanked her and took no more than they needed. For she was their mother.

Even more so than the woman who had given birth to him, who had raised and fed him, even more so than the woman who gave him all her love and had pledged to care for him as he would care for her, the sea was more of a mother to the fisherman. She alone could bring him to a place that, for a fleeting moment, would seem all his own and brought him well home after and provided him with the food he so desperately needed for himself and his family.

Lightning crackled at her fingertips, clouds gathered in her eyes and the sky turned black as ink as she raised her hands high above her, soaring through the sky to find whomever had disrupted her so. And when she found him, he would pay for taking so much and returning so little.

The ship bobbed up and down the water, unbeknownst of its destiny. Its colors were different than the fishermen’s ships, as was its shape. It was made to look beautiful and awing, but with every fiber of its being it seemed to croak out a misplaced sense of disdain for everything around it rather than the feeling of tranquility it was meant to spread. It sloshed across the waters, leaving a trace of filth and grime behind, while the silhouettes aboard did their every best to scrub the gruesome substance that was there off the deck. All around, buckets of garbage were emptied into the ocean, while others tended to the enormous amounts of fish that had been caught. Slowly but surely the wind became more forceful and started tugging the ship sideways every now and then. They stumbled back and forth.

From high above, amongst the clouds, she looked upon them and loathed them that very instant. See how it poisons me, the water below her screeched. See how I am mutilated, it radiated with every gulf of water that it threw against the ship. And all around her, the Lady of the Sea gathered the clouds with her hands. From every sea, from every shore and every land, she gathered her children. They came to her, for She was their mistress in all. And with her feet she stirred the seas and with her eyes she commanded lightning and her voice was thunder. And down below the tiny figures of what were once men tried to keep the ship clean, for it was the only thing they knew how to do. And there, at the front of the ship he stood and looked up at her, with its fists balled and its mouth wide open, screaming at her in defiance. She knew him, for he was Anger and he knew her wrath. And he knew how to unleash it and as he dared her to smite him and his ship, she knew that his dying scream would last eternally, for it was Anger pure and his hunger would never be satisfied.

And she looked upon those who attempted to clean the filth that he spread onto the ship, for they wished the ship to be great and beautiful as it was intended to be. But the substance oozing from him would never cease to flow, even if the ship were lost. The ship was not to blame, nor were its unlucky servants.

She turned her back and left them, for whatever harm she would inflict upon him, the damage done to the sea, her only child, would be no more or no less than when he continued his journey. For whatever reason there was, he would continue to spread whatever anger he felt. And silently she wept, wondering what she had done to deserve such abuse.