Small Clowns, imported by Johntoy

Recently, I cleaned out my room and took three small clowns from the base of the window. The sun has bleeched their hairs and hat a bit, but looking at them made me wonder where they came from and whether there were more of these cute and pretty little things. So I started a small search for them. The word ‘clown’, however, gives so many search results that it is very difficult to find a particular type of clown. Most clowns, I don’t like. Eventually I found a fourth clown (and bought it!) and also a fifth. The owner of the last still has to reply, but I’m hoping to get that one as well 🙂

The fourth one had a tag on his bottom saying ‘Johntoy’, a toy company that imports various toys. They told me they didn’t have them anymore, but souvenir shops might and that the product originates from the ‘Far East’.

Below a picture of the four clowns together and one of the fourth alone. If anyone knows how many there are and where I might buy one, please let me know!