Just some things

Right now, I am hoping to be chosen to do a work-assignment for a company, I’m excited but I can’t really give any information here on what the assignment is about. I can however explain how I found it: On the campus of the university is a company run by students called Unipartners that has contacts with several companies. Unipartners is mediator between students and companies. For the company the advantages are that they can have a product at a good price/quality ratio and they can keep an eye open for potential future employees. For the students the benefits are having a way to gain experience in the working field (you have to start somewhere), perhaps some connections with companies and, of course, some money 🙂

Furthermore, I’m typing an e-mail right now to friends to organise yet another weekend or midweek somehwere in our little country. It’s a nice way to stay in touch.