Last week, I went to pick up my In Ear Monitors and Behringer xenyx 802 mixer and today I finally have time to play with it. And. It. Is. Amazing! I can now hear myself and I can control the volume of my own voice compared to the incoming signal. Also I have a mini-jack to stereo jack cable so now I can have my laptop throw music at me and sing along. This is quite an improvement from the previous situation, where I wore earplugs and tried to sing while having them in. Taking them out, however, is not an option since I’ve got 20dB overall hearing damage with a peak damage of 40dB in higher tones. Advice to all: Be careful with your ears, being able to hear is very important.

Now I have a few days and one band rehearsal to figure out some settings that work for me because the next performance is next Thursday. Anyway, I’m excited.

All thanks to Richard Seekles in Oosterhout, the Netherlands: