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programming language codes

Software rule #1

The odds that a bug is the result of a typo increase exponentially with the duration of your search

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man holding incandescent bulb

The sin of willful incompetence

Today’s post is inspired by the novel Atlas Shrugged. Initially, I had wanted to type up a piece about how whenever we use a medium – any medium, be it […]

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Painting: Foothold

Has the foot been placed there, because that’s where there was a place to put it. Or has the landscape been flattened by the weight of the foot while it […]

Other early childhood memories

This post is a side-note to Everything is a witness statement. I remember being fed baby food from a jar. I remember being fed small squares of bread with jam. […]

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Everything is a witness statement

Let me share some memories with you. I remember lying in my crib as a baby, and two heads appearing above me. They were radiating exuberance. A hand reached for […]